Statement from the Egyptian Minister of Tourism on the Suicide attack outside Karnak temple


Statement from the Egyptian Minister of Tourism


According to preliminary reports from the local authorities,  vigilant police work foiled an attempted suicide attack outside the Temple of Karnak this morning.

When a car with three individuals attempted to enter the Temple’s parking lot,  a suspicious plain clothes policeman forced it to stop.

One of the assailants ran out of the car and detonated a suicide device killing himself instantly.  The police then surrounded the vehicle,  killed one additional assailant inside the vehicle and wounded another.

The policeman who stopped the vehicle sustained minor injuries,  but due to his heroic actions many other potential victims were saved and thankfully no tourists were harmed.

The Ministry of Tourism and the Government of Egypt place the highest priority on the safety of tourists in our country.

We have enhanced security measures in place at all our sites and we continue to take every possible measure to ensure that no harm comes to anyone visiting Egypt.


شارك هذا المحتوى

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